Monday, July 20, 2015

Attention for Trump

Initially I was not very excited about the entry of The Donald into the presidential fray, but I am re-thinking this.

Trump is saying what a lot of us are thinking. On Immigration. On John McCain.

It has become "politically incorrect" to challenge those who want to keep the Confederate Battle Flag flying or who don't agree with the gay marriage issue or who are appalled at the "Hands Up. Don't Shoot" and "I can't breathe" causes of riots, burnings and lootings or who believe that it's criminal who harm people with guns, not the guns.

But it is time in this country to stand up for what you believe in and to speak out about it. if some people gets their feelings hurt, so be it.

The presidential hopefuls who are calling for Trump to step out are scared for their own skins. Instead of taking a firm stand on immigration or that crimes are performed by Criminals, they are calling for Trump to clear out. Heck, they are just afraid because he is in front of them in the polls.

I got my fill of radio talkshows on a recent car trip. The reporters are dumber than wet kindling, asking their stupid questions and expressing their opinions about how "right" they are, like they are somebody special.

I've had a charge on the word "hero" for several years and dislike how easily media will slap the Hero badge on someone. So, is Trump right that McCain is only a hero because he was captured? Yes, McCain endured hardship and torture. Should that elevate him to Hero status? I think not.

Are all veterans "heroes"? Are all cops "heroes"? All firefighters? No, not at all. Go back to the definition of "hero".

Now, let's take Audie Murphy (1925-1971). Now there was a hero. Or the solder who throws himself on a grenade to save his buddies. He's a hero.

I take exception to the Northwest Herald labeling its McHenry County "heroes". They aren't. They are people doing nice things for others. But the Northwest Herald diminishes the "hero" category by using it for that purpose.

Did you hear Trump when that dumb reporter asked him if he carried a gun? He told her it was none of her business. How many people have the backbone to do that?

The upcoming debates should be very, very interesting.


Big Daddy said...

I agree 1000 percent Gus. While I like Ted Cruz and think he is probably the best Republican candidate out there, I wouldn't be disappointed if Trump becomes the "guy". Trump talks about things no one else wants to talk about. I like that. I also like his response to the reporter even more.

Dave Labuz said...

Well, Gus? Re-think it all again. Yes, it is refreshing to have someone out there saying what others won't. And that's all very well and good for spirited debate and the re-awakening of all topics and obvious realities that should be discussed that aren't any longer. But right now, all Trump is, is stroke-off porno, and NOT reality. He knows what he wants, but has absolutely no idea of what the rule of law is, has absolutely no practical idea about how to get it done, how to get it done Constitutionally, other than by Executive Fiat. Obama, anyone? The Des Moines Register succinctly labeled him a feckless blowhard. Ideas that are resonant - yes, but neither the knowledge, nor creativity to carry them through - either responsibly or legally.

However, and as much as it pains me to say this? We need a candidate with political wiles, a politician - if you will. If you (and I) like this much "reality" talk? Chris Christie, in that case. There are well-described legal, political and constitutional pathways that need be utilized to put our ideas into play. A political process. We condemn Obama's dictatorial style of late, and so we should for Trump's own penchant for the same style of governance. Britt Hume said, "successful politics is the science of addition." Trump is now descending into the politics of subtraction. In many of his recent blabberings, and criticism of other GOP candidates, he displays an appalling lack of understanding of both existing laws and the Constitution. Appalling. Maybe that's fine for you, but do you want to substitute Emperor Obama for Emperor Trump? Really?

On "Heroes". Yes. I agree. Way over-used now. Every flag out there on a civic front yard even now gets lowered if so much as flea or mosquito dies in the preparation of a holiday backyard barbecue. And hey - what of the White House refusal to lower its flag in the wake of the recruitment station shootings and deaths? Oh, well - it's just another incidence of "Workplace Violence", rather than an example of "Islamic Terrorism".

However, in John McCain? I think not. I can't see him anything other than a "HERO". Is John a RINO? Yeah, sure. Certainly in politics. But NOT to be questioned as a "hero" in his service record, which need be respected, I THINK. He was the son of a US Admiral. He was of incredible value to his captors. He REFUSED to recognize his value for their profit OR his own, and RECOGNIZED his value as being beneficial for his country and the plight of his fellow detainees. Early on, he could have acquiesced and been on the deck of an aircraft carrier in 30 minutes. Instead, he chose 5 long years of torture instead. He was a very valuable pawn, and placed himself, as such; in service of not only his country, but for his fellow detainees as well. Sorry, Donald!!! That's a Patriot!!! That's a hero!!!

Donald is just so fucking ignorant and stupid. Oh - that's right - he's a "feckless blowhard".