Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Results of today's educational system

An article on AOL News today reports that Budget Travel has named Grand Marais, Minnesota, as the coolest small town in America. Its population? "13 hundred residents"

"5th place was awarded to Washington, a North Carolina town with a population of just over 9 thousand 7 hundred residents."

What schools turn out graduates who write "13 hundred" and "9 thousand 7 hundred"?

I wonder if the error was at AOL or at Budget Travel.

I recall a teacher in the Woodstock (Ill.) School District who told me that students no longer had to know how to spell, because there is spellchecker. And they don't have to know how to add because they have calculators. And they don't have to know how to write legibly, because they have keyboards.

I told that teacher she was wrong on all three!

Your thoughts? Should our schools require strong math skills (the basic tool for balancing a checkbook), legible writing and good writing skills, including sentence structure and spelling?

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Big Daddy said...

No calculators, spell check or anything like that should be allowed.