Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary's emails - big problem

Anybody see a problem with Hillary Clinton's not having a State Department email address? Anyone who believes that : I have a bridge in New York I'd like to sell you...

What was she using? Yahoo? AOL? GMail? NetZero? Hotmail?

Anyone can guess why she used an outside email address. So she wouldn't be accountable. So emails could be deleted without leaving a record. So it would be incredibly difficult (or impossible) to obtain them by FOIA.

You'd better believe that people inside her office knew what she was doing. They didn't challenge her or report her, knowing that to do so could involve great personal risk. Yes, as great as you can imagine. What happens to the subordinate who stands up to Hillary?

Imagine a sweet, soft, sincere Hillary saying something like, "You really should respect my authority and position, honey." Now pinch yourself and wake up.

Now, let's take it closer to home.

Several years ago I complained to the City of Woodstock that City Council members were using their personal email addresses for City business. You may have had the same experience. When I wrote to a Council member at his or her City email address, I received a reply from his (or her) personal (non-City) email account.

The City said the Council members weren't doing anything wrong. It was just easier for them to reply from their offices. Yeah, sure... Those were the days before Roscoe Stelford. Has he changed anything?

The Public Access Counselor (PAC) in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General said it was inappropriate to so use persoal email accounts and that they should be replying from the official City email account. But why should Woodstock care about the opinion of the PAC? He (or she) has only bark; no bite.

What's the policy in Woodstock now? Send an email today to 2-3 Council members and look at the email address in the reply.


Big Daddy said...

And what will happen to her? Nothing!

Gus said...

Some organization ought to be digging into all the others in Washington who are doing the same thing!