Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tuesday is Election Day

If you are registered to vote in McHenry County (and if you haven't already voted), be absolutely sure to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote.

I encourage you to vote for Jim Harrison for Sheriff of McHenry County. Visit Jim's campaign website for information about him.

On Cal Skinner's blog this morning is a photograph of two election signs that have been vandalized. One is Bill Prim's, and the other is Andrew Gasser's.

Cal wrote that opponents of Prim and Gasser are vandalizing signs. This sentence is in the article, "Just take a look at which candidates are messing with their opponents’ signs."

The inference, of course, is that Jim Harrison and Nick Chirikos had something to do with that vandalism.

Here's my question. What if the signs were vandalized by supporters of Gasser and Prim, hoping to attract a sympathy vote?

I know Jim and Nick, and I believe they would not vandalism an opponent's sign.

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