Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prim to be next Sheriff

The results in the McHenry County Sheriff's race have been pretty constant at 60/40 from the first count. At the 9:50PM posting of 93.87% of the vote, Prim maintains his 60% to Harrison's 40%, and he'll come out in the Number 1 position at the finish line.

Total votes counted at 9:50PM are 60,760 and represent 93.87% of the districts reporting. An estimated 64,700 votes will be cast so, even if Harrison got 100% of the remaining votes, it won't be enough to top Prim.

At the 9:50PM mark, Prim had 36,909 votes and Harrison had 23,851 votes.

It was a hard-fought contest.

Some are going to say the "best man" won, but McHenry County voters and residents won't know whether the "best man" won until well into the four-year term, which begins December 1.

If Prim keeps his campaign promise to eliminate the office of the Undersheriff, to what rank with Zinke revert? Will Zinke ever stay around? And what about the rumor that Mayor Sager wanted to bring Zinke on board as the Woodstock Chief of Police? And will Prim get rid of the "Commanders" and just have Lieutenants and Captains running things?

Watch for new hires and for lateral hires. Rumor has it that a number of law-enforcement officers from other jurisdictions are chomping at the bit to join MCSD.

If Prim falls for the "lateral-hire" gimmick, new deputies will come on board at high pay grades and may reduce or eliminate promotion opportunities for deputies who have devoted their careers to moving up through the ranks.

And new people will then come in with all their bad habits and have to be re-trained to the way things are done in McHenry County. Oh, wait; then maybe they won't have to change all that much, after all.


Big Daddy said...

Yesterday was a tremendous win , not just for Bill Prim but for the citizens of McHenry County as well. They will finally have a real Sheriff soon, a law enforcement professional who is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents of McHenry County. Instead of being such a naysayer you should be raising a glass and celebrating this win because while it is a victory for Bill Prim the real victors are the people who live there.

Zane said...

As some one who, at one time, was your biggest fan, you have really managed to disgust me. You know as well as I that many changes are needed. The first being that deputies no longer need be afraid. I spent the evening with a couple last night that are no longer afraid to tell the truth. They wouldn't have felt that way under Harrison. According to those deputies, Harrison and Zinke were working hand in hand. Just think Gus, you were a Nygren tool for the last couple of months.

Gus said...

It was a foregone conclusion that a new day in the life of MCSD would arrive on December 1st, when a new Sheriff takes office.

Only time will tell what kind of "victory" it is for the people of McHenry County.

If Militarization is controlled and not used to control the People of the County, it will be a win for the people.

If Prim can control those deputies who believe they are a law unto themselves, the People will win.

If Prim releases the Leist report on Zinke, the People will win.

If Prim re-opens a 3-year-old murder case and conducts, even now, a thorough investigation, the People will win.

Gus said...

Zane, one of the great things about the USA is the 1st Amendment. It doesn't apply to The Woodstock Advocate, but I've published your comment, anyway.

Big Daddy said...

Gus, please stop with the militarization of the police stuff. Bill is an old school copper who doesn't like that anymore than you or I do. And he is not about trying to " control the people". That's MSNBC and anarchist nonsense.
Give him a chance will you please. You have been complaining about the MCSO since I've been here. You now will have the real deal in charge, not some phoney wannabe. You should be happy about this if you care about McHenry County as you say you do.

Ned Ryerson said...

Prim's association with the Des Plaines PD is of particular concern. That department had its share of questionable police tactics the entire 15 years that I lived there. I'm not sure that Prim is here for any other reason than "slipping out if town". The term "carpetbagger" comes to mind.