Monday, November 3, 2014

How scared is Team Prim?

From the tone of email that is coming to me and from the comments on other blogs, Team Prim is running scared about tomorrow's voting.

I've been warned, threatened, chastised, blamed, ridiculed ... you name it.

In fact, I'm reminded of a story told to me in 1966 by man for whom I had high regard. He told me that, when he was a young salesman, he had been sworn at, threatened, spit on, yelled at, been hung up on and had doors slammed in his face;"but you know," he said, "I've never been insulted."

Regardless of whether Harrison or Prim receives the higher number of votes, the sun will still come up in the East on Wednesday morning.

I'd say that McHenry County voters don't really know what kind of sheriff they'll get if Prim comes out on top. There will be increased militarization and the potential for its use against the citizens.

Why do I say this? Because Prim has been a follower throughout his police career. While he claims leadership skills on his website, he has never been in a leadership role. He has always had a boss, albeit the police chief. His job was to follow orders, not make the orders.

Nobody apparently ever asked him during this campaign what experience he had, if any, with large budgets, manpower increases and reductions, developing contracts and handling labor issues. Well, maybe somebody did ask him, but who heard the answers?

His minions are worried about Jim Harrison's signs. How petty. Worry about something large, folks, like whether a SWAT team will be at your door over a parking ticket or an unpaid court fine. Or whether some rogue deputies will bust up your home and intimidate or beat up a suspect.

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Zane said...

Not scared enough to lose it in Spring Grove and cause a seen yelling at an opposition supporters. Your guy is a black belt right? That woman he confronted in Spring Grove, was she some sort of ninja? Reminds me a lot of a story I heard about a guy in the Jewel parking lot being confronted by the Sheriff. Good Ole Boy Republicans and "Independents" sure have thin skin.