Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Grand Jury got it right

Did you watch or listen to the entire statement of the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch last night, when he announced the decision of the Grand Jury? I listened via the website of St. Louis radio station KMOX, which is still on the air 70 years after I was growing up in University City, Mo. - six miles south of Ferguson.

He made a good statement, covered the facts and delivered it well.

Of course, the rabble in St. Louis wasn't interested in the facts. They wanted justice. What they wanted was their version of justice, and they didn't get it.

Was anyone surprised at the burning, looting and violence? I certainly wasn't.

Missouri Gov. Nixon made a huge mistake by ordering only 400 National Guardsmen last week. As I posted on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website after that announcement, he should have lined up 4,000!

And that dumb statement by Pres. Obama last night? Where was his message about the actions of Ofc. Darren Wilson not being a crime? All he did was pander to the rabble. What a disgusting example to be in the White House!


Big Daddy said...

I agree, it was a justifiable shooting and that the Grand Jury came to the right conclusion. I also think that the only people that were surprised by the number of people that rioted was the government in Missouri, especially the Governor. He makes ours look like a genuis.

Ned Ryerson said...

Poor police training results in the murder of an innocent civilian. I expect more from public servants,

Gus said...

Ken Ryerson. If you are referring to Ferguson, there is no evidence or result of poor police training. There was no "murder". And there was no innocent civilian.

Big Daddy said...

Gus, some people are just not capable of forming opinion based on evidence. They form opinions based upon biases or how the MSM tells them to think. Their critical thinking skills are lacking. They ignore eyewitnesses, forensic or physical evidence and instead believe what they are told to believe. Ned Ryerson isca perfect example of this.

Innocent civilian my rear end.