Sunday, February 7, 2010

Emergency at the ER

About 9:10PM three Woodstock police cars ran hot to Centegra Hospital-Woodstock on U.S. 14 at Doty Road. Units 23 and 25 and the blue traffic car responded "hot" to the hospital and pulled up to the emergency room entrance.

One of the hospital ER doctors would not provide any information regarding the response and directed me to the public relations office at the hospital during normal working hours on Monday.

Perhaps the Northwest Herald will have better luck than I did.


Support the police said...

Probably an out of control and/or combative Pt. They have their own security, but they might not have been able to handle it, so they called Woodstock PD for assistance. And yes, it is common to go lights and sirens and to send more than one officer, mostly for the officers safety. Again, definitely not news...

Gus said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree with your offering.

Guess it's only "news" on a slow night. It's something out of the ordinary and worth mentioning as an example of the type of calls our officers handle.