Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes good comes ...

... to those who don't wait.

Late yesterday afternoon I went to Kohl's in Crystal Lake to use a "Kohl's Cash" certificate. I didn't really need anything and it was a little out of the way, but I decided to use the certificate and not just "throw away" $10.00. You know, maybe a tie or something that wouldn't cost much more than the $10 worth of "cash".

As luck would have it, I didn't easily find a tie. Ties are getting wider again, and the ties for $24-28-32 just didn't "feel" right. Plus, whoever heard of blowing $30 on a cheap tie? But I finally found one, but only after noticing the disarray of clothing displays and quite a number of clothing items on the floor in the men's clothing area.

As I walked to the cashier, I noticed that the particular tie I had selected didn't have a price tag or barcode on it, so I returned to the rack to check the price. $28.00, less 40%.

When I got to the cashier, she had to call a department employee for a price check. That employee came to the register, then went to the tie department, then came back to the register. She opened a second register, so I wouldn't have to wait in the line that had formed; that was very nice.

But then she rang up the tie and the price was $32.00, less the 40%. I pointed out the different brand of the tie she had brought to scan, and she was going to have to return to the department at the back of the store for a tie of the correct brand with the right price for the barcode scanner. By that time, I was tired of waiting and told her I'd just pass on any purchase.

As I walked out, I noticed her disappointment and thought about going back. She really had tried to help me. Should I have been more patient?

So, what was the good that came out of this? At my car, my cell phone rang and a neighbor was calling with a last-minute invitation to the Woodstock Opera House to see Alan Kaye as Joe Cocker in the Woodstock Tribute series.

OK, don't laugh now, but I said, "Sure, I'd like to go. ....... Uhhhh, who's Joe Cocker?"

OK, you can laugh now.

Some say, if you remember the sixties, you weren't there. Well, I guess I wasn't. Does college in Iowa count as an excuse for missing the sixties? Oh, trying to make a living selling life insurance in Chicago from 1965-1970? Maybe I should have been in Haight-Ashbury.

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