Saturday, December 15, 2007

Illegal Immigrants - How Many?

How many illegal immigrants are there in Woodstock? in McHenry County?

And what should be done about them?

When the national figures are thrown around - 12,000,000 - the number looks overwhelming. When the local numbers are examined, they are manageable. Two-three months ago a reliable source told me that he thought there might be 12,000 illegal immigrants in McHenry County.

While this is a huge number, the problem can be solved. It will take guts to solve it, so this may be a problem.

Is illegal "immigrant" the correct phrase? It is one that is bandied about and often mischaracterized. Is a person in the U.S.A. illegally really an "immigrant"?

Just try going to Mexico or any other country without the right papers, get caught and see what happens. The language barrier is difficult enough, because communication about whether you have the right papers can't even begin until there can be an exchange of information. I was in central Mexico in 1993, and a young man with a rifle was not going to let me re-board my through bus, even though I had the correct papers and ticket. When he saw the previous day's date on my ticket, he stopped me at the door to the bus and prevented my boarding. Fortunately, a passenger recognized what was happening and explained, and then he allowed me to board.

If a person is in the U.S. legally (correct papers, valid papers, within the time-frame permitted), he is entitled to all the privileges accorded to visitors.

If he overstays his permit or enters the U.S. illegally, then he is not entitled to remain in the U.S. If he doesn't leave voluntarily, then he should be deported.

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Anonymous said...

Right on Gus - you tell it like it is or at least like it should be. I don't care if legals are here from other copuntries, but ILLIGAL aliens are just that: ILLEGAL and are breaking our laws. About a little neforcement? Gus, you da' man!!