Saturday, December 22, 2007

Give a little more...

During the last few days before Christmas, when you pass those Salvation Army bellringers, drop a little something extra in the red kettle. I've been hearing reports that donations are down, and let's help them because of how they help others.

More than 50 years ago I heard about a day in St. Louis after a tornado had struck, when one big, well-known relief organization was soliciting donations on the radio. Where was the Salvation Army? They were out with coffee and donuts for the victims of the tornado, doing their work, not immediately on the fund-raising trail.

Each time you pass a kettle, drop something in. A $10 bill, a $5, even a $1 bill. It all helps. And, if you've got a gold coin at home, think about dropping it in.

Thanks for your donations.

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