Saturday, February 13, 2016

Who IS the Sheriff?

How many readers understand just exactly who the Sheriff of a County is and what his role is?

There are some sheriffs around the USA who do understand their roles. The first example that comes to mind is Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Sheriff Clarke clearly understands to whom he is responsible - The People of Milwaukee County! And he is not bashful about standing up and saying so.

What would it be like if every county in the State of Illinois had a sheriff like David Clarke? What if every county in the USA had a sheriff like David Clarke?

You might be interested in this page, which I found through the National Liberty Alliance website. The sheriff is a Constitutional officer. Read what this means.

The next time you can find McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim out in public, ask him what his position is on his Constitutional authority and responsibility. Keep in mind the difference between a county sheriff and a municipality's police chief.

The police chief is a hired guy, serving at the pleasure of a City Manager who is guided by a Mayor and City Council (possibly, mostly by a mayor). If that mayor's views are liberal, what ilk of police chief do you think the town/village/city will have?

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Big Daddy said...

I think that was Gary McCarthy's downfall at the Chicago Police. He THOUGHT that he was actually going to run the CPD when anyone who is from here knows that the CPD is run out of the 5th floor at City Hall. I doubt Gary is a wide eyed liberal who actually believed the views that he expressed about gun control. But I don't entirely believe the theory that a Sheriff is a better choice than a Police Commisioner because a Sheriff will do what the people want. All law enforcement Officers should obey the law and the Constitution not what the Mayor or the public want.