Saturday, February 20, 2016

Racist-in-Chief meets with BLM

According to Allen West's website today, Obama met with Black Lives Matter (BLM) "leaders" for 90 minutes on Thursday, but he only allocated four minutes for Justice Scalia's wake on Friday. And Michelle certainly looked bored in one photo. Maybe she was thinking of the shopping time she was missing out on.

The entire country should be outraged by Obama and the foolishness that we will have to endure until January 20, 2017.

Can you think of anything that will further divide the USA than that jerk-water group, BLM? Black Lives can't "matter" that much to them, or they'd be all over the south side of Chicago putting a stop to the killings that go on there on a daily basis. Oh, but that would be dangerous, wouldn't it? Some black thug might start taking some shots at them.

All they'd have to say is "Hands up, don't shoot?"  Right? And the thugs would stop shooting at them.

Instead, they can infiltrate the White House and suck up to Obama. Next thing we know, Obama will load up Air Force One with "those people" and start flying them around the country.

What month do we want for White History Month?


Big Daddy said...

The blm movement is not about black lives matter at all. It's about removing all personal responsibility and accountability for those black people that commit crimes. It's a fraud. In a normal world they would be arrested for what they have done in downtown Chicago as well as other places. But the Democratic Party which is beholden to them (because they want to be) has instructed the CPD via it's ringmaster Rahm Emanuel to take a hands off policy.

Gus said...

Agreed! Look at the stink made by that black university professor in the East and the publicity that she is still getting. Expired driver's license. Outstanding warrant, even if it was for 1-2 unpaid parking tickets. Why is there any publicity at all???? Only because she is black.