Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I subscribe to the Northwest Herald

Every time my newspaper subscription is up for renewal, I question myself as to whether I really want to spend the money to have my paper delivered to my door. Why do I continue?

The best reason should not be the value of the coupons in the Sunday paper! But there is no doubt that I save $2.50/week by clipping a few coupons or reading of sales of which I would not otherwise know, so really my paper is free. Well, in my mind, anyway.

Another reason is that I might miss (for a few days) my favorite cartoons: Dilbert, Beetle Bailey, Blondie and a couple of others. Most of them are available online, but I'd have to go in search of them. Easier on most days to just hunt them down in the paper.

And then there are the Letters to the Editor, especially mine about every 30 days.

But the real reason? I will read articles in the print edition that I'd probably never find in the online edition. How much time would I really spend to search the online edition, when I didn't know for what I was looking?

I wonder, of course, why the online edition refuses to allow reader comments on so many articles. For example, in the controversial arrest of a Huntley man in the Parkside Pub, a reader comment appeared on and then the comments were quickly closed and that comment removed. Why?

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Gus said...

To read a comment that did appear, briefly, after the NWH online story, please see my first article and read the comment there.