Sunday, February 14, 2010

Move over, MARV

It's a good thing we've already got MARV in McHenry County.
If we didn't, there might be scouts at the Chicago Auto Show, looking for a price tag and an order form for this buggy.
Gee, don't I wish I'd gone to the auto show this year? Maybe next year...
Sort of looks like a custom Dodge Charger. Pretty classy, eh?
Oh, by the way, what's that I hear about 20 new squad cars parked in the barn out on Nelson Road or Miller Road?
Is it just a rumor or will some of the older squads now be rotated out of service? How long do they sit there, before they are put into service? What happens to "old" police cars - you know, the ones that are so well taken care of, because they are "take-home" squads only for deputies who live in McHenry County?
Do they go to another County department for continued use or are they sold at public auction? And if so, when and where?

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Frank Crackpott said...

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw you pedalin' around town in that since you just can't make it as a real cop.