Friday, March 2, 2018

A. Cooper vs. Loesch

Anderson Cooper tried to sandbag Dana Loesch over Trump's gun comments this past week. I don't understand why so-called "personalities" at CNN don't publish email addresses so that viewers can comment directly to them.

He asked, more than once, whether the NRA feels "betrayed" by Trump.

I didn't feel "betrayed" by Trump. He's a guy so far up the mountain and out of touch with real people that he can't even begin to understand what's happening here on the USA portion of the planet.

I don't mind if guns get taken away from mentally-ill people. I don't want them harming themselves, others or me. They can have their day-in court (Due Process) and, if they are deemed mentally stable enough to possess guns, a court can return them. Then we can be mad at the judge who returns the guns, if the owner later goes on a rampage with the gun(s).

I think the NRA understands Trump.

Dana Loesch is one smart cookie who isn't going to get cornered by Cooper.


Big Daddy said...

I don't mind if mentally ill people have their guns taken away or are denied the right to own them. I am worried however about who makes that determination. A single doctor or a panel of doctors? Who would be on that panel and is there a right to appeal? Would the panel be stuffed with gun hating liberal doctors who are part of the effort to make America a gun free country? I a,lso don't mind banning the bump stock. I see no Constitutional protection for it nor do I see a need to own one. I am concerned about magazine capacity because I think that lowering any magazine capacity is a ridiculous move that will solve nothing. I can do a mag change in about one second so how would lower capacity mags change anything? I'd just carry more mags. But what REALLY scares me is the effort to blame the gun, an object for all this violence when what we should be looking at is why? What would possess a person to walk into a school or place of work and start shooting people that he/she doesn't even know. Blaming the gun is a liberal, false opinion. Saying that guns are too available is another falsehood. Let's get to the root cause. One more thing. Let's stop calling rifles "assault weapons" simply because they are black and you can hang things like flashlights on them. Other than a higher mag capacity (which I already addressed) there is virtually no difference between an AR15 and grandpas hunting rifle. They are both single shot rifles just like grandpas rifles. Stop demonionzing the weapon and start demonizing the system that makes people kill other people.

Gus said...

Well said, Big Daddy. Thanks!

Big Daddy said...

Everything OK Gus? No time no hear.

Gus said...

Yes. Getting active in S.C. gun issues. The anti's keep introducing "common sense" legislation like banning AR-15's and 7% tax on gun purchases. Might wear my NRA cap to a MOMs meeting on Saturday.