Friday, March 18, 2016

"Republicans are 'worried..."

Anyone in need of a good laugh today should read the headline and story on AOLNews that starts with "Obama: Republicans are 'worried and scared' over the looming Supreme Court battle."

Oh, yeah, sure they are. In order, hopefully, to avoid incurring the wrath of the Obama Police, I shall refrain from expressing my true opinion of the Dictator-in-chief and current short-term occupant of the White House.

If the Republicans are smart, there won't be any battle. The name of the nominee for SCOTUS won't even be mentioned very often. To give any nominee of Obama an appointment that could last for 25-30 years would be a huge mistake. Nominee Garland should have "Thanks, but no thanks; I don't need the heartburn."


Big Daddy said...

I agree Gus but one never knows what the old guards in the Republican Party will do. It seems as if they are giving it their best to self destruct. I would not be surprised if they end up approving someone to the left of obama.

Gus said...

"self-destruct" are the very words I'm using to describe the GOP. The so-called top dogs will mess around, posturing and trying to beat down Trump, and they will continue to fracture what's left of the Party. Basically, they are handing the election to Hillary. Now is the time for the wannabes to get behind Trump, support him, and go after the independents and the few Democrats who still have brains enough left to acknowledge the permanent damage that will be done by another Clinton in the White House.

Big Daddy said...

I have a young 30's nephew who voted for Bernie because he thinks Trump and the Republicans will take his job/pension away from him. Never mind that it is the Democrats that are all in for the illegal aliens who are the ones that will take his job away. His sister voted for Hillary because she says that women are only paid 72 cents for every dollar that a man is paid. They both send me emails from questionable sources that they think prove their point,lol.

I was standing in line at a grocery store last week. A pretty young woman came up to me, pointed at me and said "Trump"? I said yes and pointed back at her and said "Bernie"? She said yes, how did you know, because I'm young? I said yes because I was young and stupid once,you will learn.

Gus said...

I don't really care for whom people voted in the Primary, so long as they vote for Trump in November. Cruz does not have the experience or maturity for the job; probably won't ever. We have time to persuade many of the Dems that a vote for Hillary (or Bernie) will not be to their benefit. I made the mistake recently to try to argue Facts with a Bernie fan who kept saying "I feel, I feel".

It's the old NLP thing. I must learn to listen and respond better to the processing mode of the person with whom I'm speaking. Facts will never persuade her, so I need to learn to express my facts in feeling terms.