Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Rule for Flags at Half-Staff?

Since this country is going nuts over all the times it lowers the U.S. Flag, including the current lowering because of a terrorist attack in another country, I suggest that the U.S. Flag just fly at half-staff from now on.

The President goes to a baseball game in Cuba, instead of attending to official business, but he doesn't think enough of the U.S. Flag to order it to remain at full staff as a signal to terrorists that nothing they do can force the USA to lower its flag!

Obama will order the flag lowered the next time a dogcatcher sneezes. I say, "No. No. NO. NO!"

Fly the Flag of the United States of America at full-staff - Always. Never lower the Flag.

Change the Flag Code. No politician, bureaucrat, dignitary, foreign official, judge, governor or any one else is important enough to lower the U.S. Flag. Fly it high in their memory.

If I owned a business, I would have a tall flagpole and a huge flag, and I would never lower it!!!

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