Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Racists force business closure

In March Jimbo Boggess declared March as White History Month in Flemington, New Jersey.

What happened?

The racists and the bigots showed up in strength, and in a month Jimbo's was out of business! According to one media article, one particular neighbor, Bhakti Curtis, complained to police that Jimbo's window sign proclaiming March as White History Month was "racist". His complaint went nowhere with local police. Click on the link to view the lehighvalleylive.com article and the photo of Jimbo's window sign.

But the story went nationwide. Negative comments about Jimbo's were published on Yelp.com, probably by people who had never eaten there.

I mailed a message of support to Jimbo, and yesterday I received a letter and photo (above) from him that he had been forced to close his business.

Will karma strike Curtis? According to his Facebook page, he is the owner of Bhakti Fitness in
Flemington. No address is easily found on the internet, and Curtis' own website doesn't even provide an address. When February 2016 rolls around and the U.S. "celebrates" Black History Month, maybe the same racists and bigots will show up in front of Bhakti Fitness.

Recently I wrote about the power of social media to destroy businesses and people. Here is another example.

The sweetest revenge for Jimbo will be his success in his next business. He should write a book immediately and get on the speaking trail - about how goofballs can so quickly destroy an honest businessman via social media.

I recall being offended by Black History Month, when I was employed at the Sears, Roebuck and Co. headquarters in Hoffman Estates in the late 1990s. Sears had many "diversity" groups and, in addition to February's BHM, it devoted a month to the LGBT community with display of artwork by Sears employees who was members of the LGBT club there. After overhearing complaints by employees who were afraid to speak out, I went to diversity manager (who happened to be black).

"Can we have a White History Month?" I asked.

There was no way that Sears was going to stick its corporate head up out of that foxhole!


Big Daddy said...

Sears. I too worked for Sears at Homan Ave MANY years ago. I worked in a Department in which we were being groomed for executive development. I left when I was passed over for promotion because of.............yes, affirmative action. Where did you work?

Gus said...

Big Daddy, I was at Sears 1997-2002. Like it, too. Was lucky to work with some old-timers who understood about "Satisfaction Guaranteed" motto. I'm writing a book about some of my customer stories. Started as a temp, got hired during a hiring freeze, got promoted during a hiring freeze. Was lucky to move around a lot. I think I was in 8-10 departments in the five years I was there.

The Comment said...

What oppression, or hardship, has the white race endured that is worth dedicating a month for recognition or remembrance? Your personal oppression for being odd doesn't count, but you, like jim, may dedicate a month to whatever you wish. People also have the right to feel, and comment on social media, about actions taken. Yes, even if the attention is negative and causes personal or professional hardship. If anything, it provides a new topic to dedicate a different month to.

Warren Oates said...

Old (white) men yelling @ clouds...