Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore mayor condones violence

Remember these words, as they are likely to disappear from media records.

Said Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: "We also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well." And then she tried to lie her way out of it, claiming her words were twisted.

I'll tell you how to stop the riots in Baltimore. You give the police power to put down the protestors. They are not peaceful. They are criminals. You reclaim one block at a time and secure it. Corner the thugs and lock them up.

And the law-abiding People of Baltimore need to arm themselves and protect their lives and property.

The spineless mayor should order the police to put a stop to the riots. Instead, she "gave space" to those who wanted to destroy.

She must have taken an Oath of Office. I have submitted a FOIA Request to the City of Baltimore for that Oath. Should she be impeached and immediately removed from office? Her own words are proof of her not being fit to serve as mayor.

What if those conditions came to Woodstock? to Crystal Lake? to the Huntley Mall? to Green Street in McHenry?

Are you ready to defend your home? your business? your schools? your lives?

Would your mayor be wimpy about the "rights" of violent protestors?

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Big Daddy said...

Oh I'm ready Gus. Believe me I'm ready.