Sunday, May 11, 2014

Walk from Rockford to Washington? R U kidding?

Thanks to The Woodstock Independent (TWI) in its April 30-May 6 edition (TWI doesn't seem to allow online access to previous week's articles; if it doesn't I can't figure it out), Woodstock and McHenry County residents learn of the walk by Lou Ness from Rockford to Washington, DC.

In a past life Lou was executive director at Turning Point. She'll hate me for saying that, since Lou's column starts of with "I'm a Christian, and for me, Easter is everything rolled into one week." Well, no, she won't "hate" me. It's just that many Christians don't believe in reincarnation. I have no idea whether Lou does.

Lou and her granddaughter were contacted by a cop after a local busybody reported them walking along U.S. 30 west of Warsaw, Indiana and wanted those "transients" checked out. The cop asked her why she was walking to Washington, D.C. When she told him, "To end poverty," the cop said she could start at his house!

Follow Lou on her website at  See her route. Do  you know someone along the way who might provide a meal or a night's lodging?

And don't just look at "Donate" button. Grab your credit card and hit that button!

Go, Lou!!!


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