Monday, May 26, 2014

Metra trains, still running NW?

Will someone please send a Metra schedule to Cmdr. John Miller of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department? Does he really believe there are no trains between 3:30PM and 8:30PM on a weekday?

John, the trains run frequently on weekdays, leaving Ogilvie Transportation Center for Crystal Lake. It has been this way for years. In fact, there are 13 trains between 3:30PM and 8:30PM, including the one at 8:30PM.

To save time, you can click right here and see the schedule. If you miss the 3:30PM train, you won't have to wait five hours for the next one.

In fact, why are you even riding the train to Chicago and back? And why would two deputies be going with you? And, looking at the way you three three are dressed, were you heading to Navy Pier?

Next time you go to a deposition, wear a suit and try to look professional.

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