Friday, February 5, 2010

Just the facts, ma'am

You had to read all the way through today's NWH article about the "alleged hazing" for Supt. Jill Hawk's remark about comments from parents on the grabfest by Prairie Ridge High School wrestlers, but here it is: "There have been phone calls from parents with stories that are far from fact."

Now, read that one again. Maybe again. Maybe she meant to say "a few phone calls." And she neglected to say whether she received calls with "truthful" facts, or else the reporter did not include her statement to that effect.

School officials were informed on Thursday, Jan. 28. WMAQ-TV carried news at 10:00PM on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Are we talking cover-up here? "Attempted" cover-up, of course, because cover-up never works. Somebody is going to get tired of waiting and go to someone or some organization that will talk about it.

Parents apparently have called the school or Supt. Hawk's office with concerns or reports. Hawk decided they are not factual; i.e., untrue. Not a very good statement. All deserve investigation.

Jeff Puma did a little better. "There are a lot of rumors that are completely unfounded..."


Be sure to read the comments on, especially by some Prairie Ridge students. They are much closer to all this than we readers are.

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twokids said...

What a shame. It's unfortunate that turnover in D158 special education will continue to happen until Dr. Burkey takes the initiative to truly learn and understand what these children need. I can't imagine how difficult it is to work for someone that does not empower you help the children.