Friday, May 9, 2008

Red-Light Runners Beware

Yesterday I passed through one of the intersections with the new red-light cameras in Algonquin. This one is on northbound Randall Road at Acorn Lane, between Algonquin Road and Miller Road. You can't miss it.

The warning signs are clear. "RED LIGHT PHOTO ENFORCED." There are signs before and at the intersection. Two sets of cameras are ready to record violations.

One camera will photograph the rear license plate, and another camera will photograph the front of the vehicle, catching the front license plate (you do have a front plate, don't you?) and the driver's face.

Just imagine all the good tickets that can be written off one set of cameras.

Let's say you run the red light, don't have a front plate, and have an illegally darkened windshield. 1-2-3, bingo! $100 for the light; how much for the other two? $75 each? Plus court costs? $400-500?

It's a lot easier and cheaper to stop. Safer, too.

Just imagine somebody in a hurry and having a bad day, after most of the towns get their red-light cameras installed. He runs red lights in Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Cary and Fox River Grove. Next stop? A PayDay Loan office!


Sun Tzu said...

Why Are The Cameras Installed In The First Place?
The Intersection of Strategy and Measurement--The Red Light Camera. An interesting perspective on the question!

Gus said...

John A. Warden III writes an interesting analysis of red-light cameras installed in Montgomery, Ala. (and anywhere). Thanks to sun tzu for posting the link to the article.