Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wreck on U.S. 14

Just what is it about slick roads that results in a three-car, chain reaction accident? Excessive speed? Tailgating? Failure to anticipate? Not watching brake lights of cars ahead? Distracted driver? On the phone? Eating a late lunch? Drinking, even out of water bottle - you know the type; head tilted back, can't see the road (I had one of those behind me yesterday near MCC; I had to roll forward to avoid being rear-ended at the stop sign at Country Club Road, coming back toward Woodstock from MCC).
Slick roads do not cause accidents. Inability or inexperience of the driver or a vehicle in poor condition [slick tires; brakes that pull; worn-out wipers (or no wipers); frosted-over windows] is what causes accidents.

This afternoon there was a three-car accident on eastbound U.S. 14 in front of Farm & Fleet. One police car and three WFRD vehicles were there and no wreckers. The third car in line had pretty good front-end damage, but perhaps its driver was going to be able to move it under its own power.
Just a few minutes before, I passed a three-car wreck on U.S. 14, just west of the light at Ridgefield Road. Two cars were on one of the shoulders and one car was on the other.
Do people really need to drive so fast? Cannot drivers slow down and increase their following distance? Just ignore the ignoramus behind you who wants you to speed up. He'll just have to wait. Another 90 seconds to get to Woodstock is a small price to pay for arriving in one piece - rather than one piece here, one piece there.

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