Saturday, January 12, 2008

Evanston - Next Sanctuary City in Illinois?

Evanston stands ready to become the next declared sanctuary city in Illinois. Should we care? You bet.

Law-abiding U.S. citizen cannot stand by and let the erosion of laws continue. Can you imagine what would happen to you, if you were in Mexico (for example) and were confronted by a police official about your legal presence there? Come on, folks. There would be no "We're happy you are here, so just be more careful next time."

Care to guess about the conditions in a jail in Mexico? How do you think they compare to the palace in McHenry County; you know, the one on North Seminary in Woodstock? Where prisoners have three good meals every day? Showers. Color TV. Not so good as being free, but better than a - - - well, you can picture a jail in Mexico. Or in Afghanistan. Or India. Or Africa.

Even though we are not in Evanston and have many communities between Evanston and us, we should not stand by silently. Voice your opinion to the law-makers in Evanston and to your County and State officers and elected representatives.

Should sanctuary cities be outlawed? Should elected officials who enact sanctuary city laws be prosecuted? Kicked out of office. Oh, wait; we can't recall them. What a shame!

These comments are not directed at those who are in the United States legally. A legal immigrant is welcome. Those who are in this country are not illegal "immigrants" or "undocument" workers or any other fancy term to obscure the real description of who they are.

They are illegal aliens.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, too bad we can't recall the bad politicos. Too bad Phillpott, VA. can't recall it's idiots as well.