Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ware Road Speed Limit

Recently I was curious about the speed limit on Ware Road between IL Route 47 and Raffel Road, out there near the new high school. I wrote to the City and received a nice reply from John Isbell, Director of Woodstock Public Works.

Here’s what John says…

“All of Ware Road from Illinois Route 47 to Raffel Road is under the jurisdiction of the City of Woodstock. The majority of the adjoining property is developed with lots and structuresat interval less than 100' and meets the definition of an urban district. The State imposed speed limit is 30 mph.”

I wrote back to thank him and added: “Ware Road would be a great place for some 30MPH signs in both directions. Maybe some of the deputies would slow down. Somehow, I kind of doubt that any Woodstock cop would issue a ticket to a deputy or that one deputy would ticket another.”

So, if you are on Ware Road and think it’s a good place for 35MPH or even 45-50MPH, keep this in mind. The speed limit is 30MPH. And, if you are passed by a speeding deputy sheriff, get the car number (not the license plate) and let Sheriff Nygren know. If you want his e-mail address, just let me know at Gus@WoodstockAdvocate.com

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