Monday, July 23, 2007

Check That Pump Price!

How often do you check the actual per-gallon price on the pump before you pump gas?

This morning I pulled into the Clark station on Lake Avenue to gas up the motorcycle. As I pulled in, I saw that premium unleaded was advertised at $3.439/gallon. A little high, I thought…

As I began the prepaid transaction, I noticed that the per-gallon price on the pump was $3.499/gal. Whoa! Wait just a minute. I only buy 1-1½ gallons at a time, so the 6-9¢ wasn’t going to kill me. But there is a principle; right?

When I went inside, I asked the attendant what the price was for premium, and he answered that it was $3.43. He was surprised when I told him the pump price was $3.49, and he set about finding the written instructions for changing the pump price.

I could tell it was going to take a while, so I went back to the pump and bought my 1.357 gallons.

I was reminded of the time I stopped in Crystal Lake, just as the station operator was raising the price. I saw the higher price on the advertising sign, and the attendant told me to go ahead and pump at the lower price, because they always changed the sign first. Now that’s the fair way to do it!

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