Friday, December 15, 2017

If it's Beth ...

If the Illinois State Police are able to confirm that the remains found on a rural property in Jefferson County, Ill. are those of Beth Bentley, it certainly will create an interesting situation for Jennifer Wyatt-Paplham.

As you may recall, Jenn told police that she drove Beth to the Centralia (Ill.) Amtrak Station on Sunday afternoon, May 23, 2010. Police charged Jenn with Obstruction of Justice after they believed she had spoken with Beth on May 25. Those charged were dropped.

While speculation is rampant that the remains could be Beth's, one needs to remember that the police usually do not associate the finding of remains with any particular missing person, until a positive identification has been made.

How long can it take to identify the remains?

Hopefully, the Illinois State Police will soon release the rural location. That will go a long way in raising or lowering hopes.


carla said...

Thank you for continually writing about her and asking the questions that will hopefully be answered soon.

Gus said...

On the Northwest Herald's website - - now is an article about the Bentley family's request to have Beth declared dead. I can't read the article but am awaiting a copy of it. Something about asking the judge to make its plea or petition invisible to the public.

Can't wait to find out what judge allowed that! A petition for declaration of death could have requested that any investigatory attachments of the police be designated private, but the Court made a huge error in hiding the entire petition. Beth's disappearance was always suspicious and potentially a crime. I don't think there is one person in McHenry County, or elsewhere, who doesn't think criminal action was involved!