Saturday, March 18, 2017

Depressed? Read this

Are you depressed? Have you ever been depressed? (Are you getting depressed, just reading this?)

Or do you know anyone who is (or has been) depressed?

Pick up a copy of a new book by Leah Oviedo titled D.I.Y. Therapy: Healing Depression. This will set you back $0.99. That's right; less than a dollar for this e-book, delivered instantly from Just click on the title.

The author writes from her personal experience and offers valuable information. Your job? Read the book and follow her suggestions. Pretty simple, eh?

Don't speed-read through her book. Read a page and do what she recommends; i.e., write down your answers, feeling, emotions, intuition, thoughts, memories. Actually do it. Don't just read about the exercise or think about it for three seconds before reading on.

You can also give away her book. Just imagine. For only $0.99, you can give this book to all your friends who are depressed. After you do, be sure to bug them to claim the gift and to begin reading the book. Get your 99¢ worth!

e-Books can be read on tablet, smartphones and even right on your computer.

Do you know anyone who doesn't have one of those?

After you read it, please post a review on Amazon. Reviews always help authors.

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