Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book No. 2 coming in 2017

Back in 2013 I finished a book that I had been writing about my hypnotherapy experiences, both as a practitioner and as a hypnotized person. I had worked on it off-and-on for years and, finally, I committed to finishing it - and did. The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy is available through as a Kindle book.

I know how I finished it - I committed to it.

And now I am committing to a second book. This one will be about my customer-service days at the Sears, Roebuck and Co. headquarters in Hoffman Estates. I've already got the title - Unthaw It.

During my almost-five years at the "glass palace" on Higgins Road, I had a variety of jobs. Most Sears employees had only two-three jobs in 30 years' employment. I was lucky and moved around a lot.

Dealing directly with retail customers was not supposed to be my job. But a very special part of it was handling complaints that made it through all the filters to "B-6", where the senior executives lived. That's when I got some of them, along with the request that I handle them personally and not farm them out to one of the off-site customer service centers.

I'd better hurry on this book. Sears may not be around much longer.


Big Daddy said...

I'll buy the Sears book. I worked for Sears at Homan/Arthington before I became a Policeman. I actually autographed the top beam on the Sears Tower years ago,lol. An interesting company and a shame what it has become. And will become.

Gus said...

I worked as a temp the first year and then was lucky to work first in the HR Dept. for Full-Line Stores. I met a bunch of "old-timers", some of whom had been store managers for years. THEY cared about customers.

Every employee arriving for work should have entered through the front door and read and repeated the company motto, before proceeding to their offices: "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back". I'll venture a guess that most employees didn't even know what the motto was.

Big Daddy said...

I think you are probably right. About the motto.

Big Daddy said...

As an aside, had Sears treated me right I might still be there. I was in a training program that was supposed to be a unit for eventual movement into the upper management. Then affirmative action can along and the rest is history.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, I can related to that. I knew the Director of Diversity in HR, and one time I recommended a group for old, bald, white guys. There were employee groups for gays, blacks, latinos, etc. She said, "Why not?"

I passed along comments I overheard in the employee cafeteria when some of the older folks were upset about the artwork posted all over the corporate HQ by the LGBT employee group. The old folks were tired of having to walk past it on the way in and out of the cafeteria. I suggested placing it in one hallway but, of course, it didn't get moved. The artists would have been upset and probably would have filed a lawsuit.