Sunday, October 30, 2016

Three cheers for Comey

Let's hope FBI Director James Comey has a very strong security detail. I'd sure hate for him to come down with the Vince Foster Disease.

Comey was right to speak up. Obviously, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch wouldn't. She'd be worried about job security and what was really said between Bill Clinton and her on the plane. Obama certainly wouldn't let anything slip that might hurt Hillary.

The voting public deserves to know that another rat is starting to smell in Hillary's corner.

Unfortunately, it's probably too little, too late. Many have already voted and can't recall their votes for Hillary, not that they would. No matter how dirty Hillary is, too many will still vote for her.

I'm not waiting for Nov. 9 to order my AR-15 and half a dozen 30-round magazines. If Hillary wins the election, I'm very likely to need them for defense of home and life.

I fired an AR-15 yesterday on fully-automatic. Too bad I can't buy one of those.


Big Daddy said...

I'm suspicious of Comey. Is he a patriot trying to do the right thing or is there another motive for this. I also suspect the sheep that like her will still vote for her. I think if they saw a picture of her standing over a body with a smoking gun they would still vote for her.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, agreed. The Hillary Gang will vote for her, no matter what. Have you seen Hillary's America (the movie)?

Big Daddy said...

No, I will check it out. A friend of mine served on her EP detail when Bill was the President. All I really needed to know about Hillary I learned from that person. You would probably call me a liar if I told you what Hillary is like behind closed doors.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, you're right. If you tell me that Hillary is a warm, considerate, well-meaning, respectful to her Secret Service and Uniformed Service officers, polite woman who doesn't scream vulgarities at those with whom she is displeased, I'll definitely call you a liar. Not much chance of that, is there?
In 1995 at an author's party in Columbia, Md., I met Michael Cliff Kellett, author of The Murder of Vince Foster. I had overheard him answer the question, "Do you think the Clintons had anything to do with Vince Foster's death?"

Big Daddy said...

You are correct, that is NOT what my friend said about Hillary. The exact opposite as a matter of fact. Words like evil, vile and despicable come to mind. What did Mr. Kellett say?

Gus said...

Big Daddy, it has been over 20 years since I overheard the conversation in which Mr. Kellett was asked that. As I recall, his answer was, "Of course, they did (have something to do with Foster's death)." His book is an interesting read. I donated it to the McHenry County Defender's Bookstore on the Woodstock Square in April 2014. Who knows? It might still be there. It's also available on Wow! Just checked prices. I should have sold my copy, not donated it!