Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama fuels terrorism

I am so sick and tired of that wimp, Obama, lowering the United States Flag every four days.

All he is doing is setting up another round in the game for haters and terrorists to play called "Let's Get the U.S. to lower its Flag again."

If I had my own business with a flagpole out front or if I were a Mayor or Governor, I'd say, "No, NO, NOOOOO, the United States Flag flies high ALL the time."

But that sniveling, spineless occupant of the White House doesn't have the guts to tell terrorists or lone wolves or ISIS that Nothing will cause the United States to lower its Flag.

The Flag should fly at the top of the flagpole ALWAYS. Let it fly there to reflect the memory of any person who died and who is listed in the Flag Code to receive Flag recognition. A bunch of partiers in Orlando don't qualify.

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