Friday, October 2, 2015

NYT - soppy Obama story

The New York Times published an incredible and soppy story yesterday about Obama's remarks after the college shooting in Roseburg, Oregon.

Obama is so wrong on so many points! He makes me want to throw up!

The only thing honest he said was that he is "powerless". Finally! A truthful word from him.

The people should get the government to change gun laws? Baloney! There are plenty of good laws in place. Just enforce them.

If he doesn't want to be so angry, then stay away from the podium. It is not a national problem when some punk shoots some people.

I haven't heard him say anything about the white police officer, Greg Alia, gunned down in Forest Acres, S.C. on September 30th, three blocks from my office. The 32-year-old officer left a widow and infant son. Will Obama be at the funeral tomorrow? Will he criticize the black scumbag who drew a firearm and shot the officer during a struggle? Was that scumbag a follower of Louis Farrakhan?

What if Umpqua Community College had allowed students, faculty and staff to carry loaded firearms on campus, either concealed or openly? The punk shooter would have been stopped in his tracks. Do you hear Obama pleading with college officials to end gun-free zones on campus?

Remember, Obama and family are well-protected by men and women with guns!

What Obama refuses to "get" is that we already have common-sense gun laws!

Nothing Obama will do will prevent mass shootings. He won't even close the southern border. Talk about "powerless".


Gus said...

A valued and trusted reader sent the following comment to me by direct email:

"The UCC campus was not a gun free zone, students and faculty are allowed to conceal carry, and at least one person was carrying that day, but was in a different building apparently."

Cal Skinner said...

Heard John Lott on Michael Savage's show Friday night pointing out that the student handbook says that any student carrying a guy would be expelled.

The employee handbook has similar language saying the gun carrying employee would be fired.

Gus said...

Thanks, Cal. The reader (source of my 12:34PM comment) did not quote his source.

The Student Code of Umpqua Community College (721.3, Student Misconduct) reads "The following actions and/or behaviors are the types of misconduct for which students may be subject to disciplinary action...

"Section 19. Possession or use, without written authorization, of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, substances, or any other weapons or destructive devices that are designed to or readily capable of causing physical injury, on College premises, at College-sponsored or supervised functions or at functions sponsored or participated in by the College."

I didn't search further to learn how one obtains "written authorization". I'll defer to Prof. Lott.