Monday, July 14, 2014

Now it's Harrison v. Prim

The race for Sheriff of McHenry County is on. Hopefully, voters will demand information and debates.

When I write "debates", I mean debates! Not watered-down "forums" with weak, wimpy moderators. Rule out moderators from the Northwest Herald and the League of Women Voters. Line up moderators with backbone, courage, strength and resolve.

There should be 3-4-5 real debates. No holds barred. Hard questions. When one of the candidates blows smoke, he needs to be called on it. Nailed. Immediately.

What should the public want to know? Demand clear information on each candidate's stand on

- favoritism in promotions and assignments
- cronyism
- integrity
- ethics
- changes (reductions?) in the militarization of the sheriff's department
- outlook for the jail population and income/expenses of operation
- training based on need (immediate and future)
- budget
- the current commissary rip-off and bringing MCSD into compliance with Illinois law on profiteering
- internal affairs division
- take-home cars, especially for office staff and those who don't need them
- training to reduce exposure through lawsuits like the Pavlins and Maxson
- position on arrest and prosecution of deputies to break laws

Cut through the grandstanding and the feel-good platforms that are ineffective.

Will one candidate demand such debates? What will be the response of the other candidate?

Will the Democrats slate a candidate, or is it too late for that? What are the election laws about write-in candidates? When does the door slam shut, keeping all others out of the race for Sheriff?

What else does the public want to know from the man who will replace Nygren and Zinke on December 1, 2014?


Jim Jones said...

You should know that's not gonna happen. It will be SOS. Then, after Prim is elected, and he starts his wholesale "revamp" of an excellent, working and functioning depart, granted along with its detractors, then everyone can start bashing him, just like the current administration has received, deserved or not.

Jim Jones said...

The man who thinks another is going to solve and fix ALL perceived problems needs to set up a visit with the fine doctors at South Street for treatment of their obvious mental disorder.

Joseph Monack said...

League of Women Voters allows you to ask questions, but you submit it to them, and they act as a middleman. I wrote a background which was about a paragraph to put some context to my question and they excluded it. It would be nice if they allowed the people in the audience to directly ask questions.