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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Could You Survive...

... a Violent Attack?

While most of us will never encounter a violent attack, it is good to be at least alert to the possibility and to take steps automatically to avoid it.

This is like fire safety in the home. You never expect to have a fire at home, but it is wise not only to have a Fire Plan, but to practice it. In other words, get that rope ladder out of the box under the bed and practice hanging it out the window. Even practice getting through the window, onto the ladder and down to the ground. Then practice it at night; practice it blind-folded.

You think a fire will only happen at high noon and give you plenty of time to wait for the fire trucks, ladders and that handsome, agile, physically-fit firefighter to come to your rescue?

Now, about your safety at home and on the streets. Go to and take the quiz there.

When you see your score at the end of the quiz, you can decide what to do next.