Friday, September 18, 2009

Pickin' & Grinnin' in the Square

On Sunday, September 20, the place to be - if you like fiddle, mandolin and guitar music - is the Woodstock Square. The Woodstock Harvestfest and Fair in the Square will be from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. Rain or shine. And it's free!

The craft show will open at 10:00AM and will include a farmers' market, "old tyme" crafts, free wagon rides, antique tractors, a blacksmith and children's activities.

The music schedule starts with preliminary competitions for banjo, mandolin and guitar at Stage Left Cafe and junior fiddle contest preliminaries at the bandstand.

Live music at the Bandstand starts at 1:00PM (not that the junior fiddlers are not live music), and contests start at 2:00PM.

Bring on the good weather and a good turn-out. For more information, visit

Referring to a violin as a "fiddle" still brings back memories of my telling my high school music teacher that my dad played the "fiddle." He probably didn't smack me, but I recall disdain for the word "fiddle". He insisted that I refer to it as a violin. I never would have called a violin in the orchestra as a fiddle, but it was clear to me that my dad played the "fiddle". And quite well, too.


Frank said...

Are you going to complain about the music like you did last week?

Pitor said...

I really hope those fiddles are not too loud. This Woodstock Square is like living next to a dance club. All those kids stomping there feet and the loud music, its too much. I know you had the same issue last week Gus. Did you pull some strings with the chamber? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Gus said...

Pitor, when I checked with the City 1-2 years ago, I was told that the volume of sound from events on the Square was handled by the manager of the Opera House.

I would suggest calling, or send an email to John Scharres at

The Chamber won't have anything to do with it, unless the merchants on the Square get all riled up. If they complain en masse at the Chamber, the new interim Executive Director will probably pay a visit at City Hall or the Opera House.

Be sure to express your opinion to the City and let me know what response you receive. Thanks for your comment.